A.  Customized Apparel Catalogue

We specialize in providing wholesale, customized apparel to retailers and service providers in the nautical industry. Our apparel features original nautical artwork customized for each retailer's business that brings out the natural personality of the business’ coastal destination. Apparel options include just about everything – classic T-shirts, youth sizes, fashion and women’s cuts, long sleeve, performance dri-fit, and more.

Simply select artwork from our Catalogue. Our artist then creates custom lettering to your specifications. We then print the order using a high quality screen printing process, and ship the order to your door. Please Email McKenzie for wholesale order inquiries.

B.  Branding and Logo Design

We also provide branding and logo design services, which can optimize the branding value of your customized apparel (see Edisto Marina example, below). While Elliott can develop your vision for nearly any logo or brand identity you request, his expertice is in traditional nautical aesthetics, focusing on a simplicity of design that will lend the logo to dependable reproduction across a broad variety of mediums. Email Elliott to get your project started, or to request additional information.

see full gallery here.

C.  Full Custom Artwork

Elliott will also accept, on a selective basis, commissioned artwork designed from scratch. Prices depend on a variety of factors including design elements, the number of colors, and the intended licensed use. Email Elliott to request a quote for your project.

See full gallery here.